Just finishing up in Hong Kong

We’ve just finished up the annual June jewelry fair in Hong Kong, and while the show was not one of the largest, there were still pearls aplenty. I am headed to Europe from here, so I won’t be back in Los Angeles until the first week of July. Hisano is headed back now, many of the new pearls in hand!

For a quick recap, we did manage to collect a few more large, metallic white drops. We didn’t find as many as we were hoping to, but those on the waiting list for pendants should finally get their pearl! Apart from the metallic whites, we found a lot of truly unique, exotic freshwater pearls (click the image to the left).

Small Tahitians were still difficult to come by. The Poe Rava Nui auction was held just before the show, but small-size lots (with emphasis on 8-9 mm) were scarce. We did manage to pick up one lot from a farmer visiting the show.

Akoya pearls weren’t on the list, but we met one producer, a newcomer to this show, with a few amazing strands of 8-10+mm graduated, natural-white-color akoyas. We put a hold on the strands, which are now on their way back to Japan to get natural-color certified.

More pictures will be forthcoming when I am back in Los Angles and have a chance to unpack all the loot!


  1. Pearls! Now that is news to get excited about!

  2. Robin Kasowitz says:

    Jeremy those freshwater pearls are wonderful! I love the variation in color. It looks like peach, lavender, silver, and even golds. What is the size? There is nothing in the picture to give a perspective, or size relationship. They look like they are a nice size.

    As a multi-color pearl lover, I am very drawn to them!!! Uh oh I see a new strand of pearls in my future.

  3. Pearls! Now that is a topic to get excited about!

  4. They are large! We collected from a lot of different places, so they range in size. Most are over 11 mm.

    • Robin Kasowitz says:

      Gorgeous! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful treasure hunt. Have a safe & speedy trip back. Can’t wait to see more pictures! It’s been very rainy and grey on the east coast this summer. It’s a pleasure to see the vibrant luster of those freshwater pearls.

      I also have friends who will be coming to LA and would love to visit the PearlParadise crew.

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