What to do with a 55 mm pearl?!

Every time our buying team takes a trip to Asia, we are always excited to see what sort of “special goodies” they might return with. This past March, Jeremy and Hisano attended one of the large Hong Kong jewelry shows (they are headed back to the show next week, by the way) and spent a day finding those one-of-a-kind pieces that are just too good to be true!

The pearl below is a perfect example. This monster is 55 mm in length and 35 mm wide! What does one do with a pearl this large? We could design around the pearl by putting a trunk and a couple of horns on her to create a pearly wooly-mammoth. We could just create a basic brooch and let the pearl speak for itself.

We haven’t decided what to do this this pearl yet, but in the meantime, everyone should get the chance to enjoy Mother Nature’s massive work of art!

A giant freshwater pearl measuring a whopping 55 by 35 mm

A giant freshwater pearl measuring a whopping 55 by 35 mm


  1. Gorgeous…. I suggest brooch

  2. Beth Welker says:

    You could set it sort of like the Hope Diamond was set prior to the latest reset. On a thin chain of diamond (or pearls.)

  3. Oh my god. My heart just jumped out of my chest — that pearl is absolutely electrifying.

  4. I see a form forcing its way out of the earth or oyster, as if it had no other choice! What possibilities! Cuff?

  5. I see a gold pendant, the top is a winged can beaked creature like a Simurgh, with enamled wings of many colors and the body morphing into scales, with a tail section that comes from the two lower projections and coils down to a tail, perhaps with a few other gems tossed in where appropriate

  6. I accept the offer :)

  7. Joanne Diasio says:

    I see a chain of diamonds snake around the top and end to the front middle with a design of embedded diamond on the large flat middle . You can also place a Diamond in The ” C ” of the top half of the Pearl to balance it out . This treasure then should be made into a long chained pendent.

    • Joanne Diasio says:

      In addition, the embedded diamonds can cascade down so it looks like the diamonds are melting into the Pearl [ Just like the Pearl is melting]

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