Two Pearl Predictions for 2014

Nearly every year the news coming out of China is that freshwater pearl prices are on the rise. It’s notable that these warnings typically become more vocal around the time of the main jewellery and gem shows in Hong Kong, but this year I believe prices are undoubtedly set to rise on a wholesale level.

According to Michael Tse of the Heng Mei Pearl Company, expecting fine returns, investors bought up raw materials in 2013, leading to much higher prices. Some estimates indicated cost increases as high as 40%.

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by Jeremy Shepherd


  1. This is definitively not bad news for producers…and I don’t think it will harm customers: top quality is always worth it.

  2. I would love to win anything with pearls.

  3. Dennise Brown says:

    Woukld love to win a necklace,bracelet or earrings.Love PEARLS!

  4. Would love to have pearls.

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