Pearls and the Environment, by Douglas McLaurin

As promised, here is the first of several videos shot at the 2014 Pearl-Guide Ruckus held in Palos Verdes Estates, California.

Douglas McLaurin gives a fantastic overview of the Mexican pearl industry and specifically what impacts his pearl farm has on the environment.


  1. Funny to see & hear myself. I loved being with you all at the Pearl Ruckus: a highlight of my year as always. Thank you for sharing the video :D and looking forward to next year’s Pearl Ruckus.

  2. I have known about the Pearl Ruckus for a couple of years and have said I would like to go. After seeing the photos of 2014 Ruckus, I don’t feel my life will be complete until I go to the Pearl Ruckus. So, if you will be so kind as to allow a slow talking Georgia peach who loves her pearls keep company with you for the weekend, I will see you in 2015. Thanks for all you do!!

  3. Looking forward to it, Melanie!

  4. Thank you for making these talks available to watch and share with others. We were in the back of the room and missed some of the questions. We can’t wait to see all the others you recorded. When can we expect to see more of them?
    Melanie, We are from GA too. ;-)

  5. The next one is coming next week!

  6. Armando rodriguez says:

    primo…muy interesante la platica!!! me dio chance de conocer un poco de un mundo que no conocia a pesar de vivir tan cerca del mismo!!! felicidades!!

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