My love affair with Tahitian Pearls continues

2014 could definitely be described as the year of Tahitians for us. We were fortunate to find a few amazing lots of dark peacock drops and colorful rounds, some of the most amazing Tahitians I’ve ever come across in sizable, workable and graded lots.

We also had a lot of fun with Tahitians, working with a new type of baroque Tahitian pearl and getting creating with harvest strands. I don’t know how many of those harvest strands I made in September and October but it was a lot.

As some of my friends and clients know, this year I am keeping my eyes out for lighter, yet still colorful lots. While dark peacock Tahitians are the most valuable of all, I’ve gotten a lot of requests for lighter drop strands and pastels so we are on it!

The first drop lot in was smaller than I had hoped, so most of the strands are multis, but I think we’re on the right color-track :)

Drop multicolor Tahitian strands1

multicolor Tahitian pearls

When I picked up this lot there was also another lot available in a shape of pearl that I haven’t done whole lot with in the past but decided I shouldn’t let this lot pass up. The pearls are slight ovals to semi-baroque, all A and A/B grade (which translates to AA+/AAA and AAA for us) in great colors.

The resulting strands appear round, but that slightly off-round shape cuts the cost dramatically and adds the extra curvature that results in those extra colorful overtones.

Oval Tahitian pearl strands

I love Tahitian pearls!



  1. Lucia Kaelin says:

    So do I, Jeremy! This are of gorgeous colors!
    Looking forward to strands on your website!

  2. I love these lighter Tahitian pearls – especially the last photographs you posted which were nearly round in shape. Do you have these pearls on your website yet? And if you do can you please tell me which website they are on.

  3. CathyKeshi says:

    Wow … that takes my breath away … just exactly what I’ve been wishing for … So very beautiful!!!

  4. Oh my…so gorgeous. .can’t wait to see the strands posted. .Totally amazing and your pearls continue to delight me!!

  5. Those new tiny blue pearls are so very lovely!!! Adding them to my list… When will they be available, Jeremy? This year is my long awaited year to purchase my own strand of Tahitian pearls. Those Strands of Tahitian Pearls posted are so lovely! Works of art!

  6. LOVE! are you making any bracelets with these pearls, Jeremy?

  7. Vickie Singleton says:

    Beautiful!! Love the soft colors, perfect for spring. PP always has gorgeous Tahitians. Will you be making any 34-36 inch ropes with these lots?

  8. I am hoping that you will be posting more round pearl strands in Peacock. Having just returned from FP without a strand, I am looking to fill in with one that I will love. Looking for 9 to 11 mm. When can I expect to see them on line?


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