The 7th Annual Pearl-Guide Ruckus

We were honored to host The 7th Annual Pearl-Guide Ruckus once again last month in the Pacific Palisades, just outside of Los Angeles!

For those of you who have considered joining this growing group of pearl enthusiasts, pearl vendors and pearl farmers from around the world, maybe this fun video will help push you along. We love to make new Pearl Friends!


  1. I was anxiously awaiting this video :)
    Thank you for sharing it…and I loved the musical selection as well!
    I’m still laughing at Tom’s remarkable commentary!
    Can’t wait for next year’s Amazing Pearl Ruckus…thank you Jeremy and Hisano.

  2. A perfect weekend from start to finish. Thank you Jeremy and Hisano for including me in this heavenly occasion. I am already looking forward to next year.

  3. lovely! am so happy to see the video – perhaps NEXT year!

  4. That was a great video! Thank you again Jeremy and Hisano, and all of our Pearl-guide family!
    Already looking forward to next year! Towards the luster! With love and gratitude, Sarah and Mounir

  5. Sheri Jurnecka says:

    Still basking in the pearly afterglow of a perfect weekend among lovely people and lustrous pearls… Thank you so much!!!

  6. I would love to come to a Ruckus. How do I find out more?

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