Congratulations JulieBeth – You’re Going to Fiji!

Yesterday we held the anticipated final Fiji raffle. Congratulations Pearl-Guide member JulieBeth!

Julie has been a member of Pearl-Guide’s community forum since March of 2013. She loves and designs with pearls. Some of her work can be seen here on Etsy.

We shot a video of the drawing and there is a surprise at the end!

Who wants to take the next Pearl Trip of a Lifetime to … ??? :)


  1. I would love to join you

  2. Ray Reinhard says:

    I’d be very interested in learning first-hand, and on-site, about all the steps involved in producing beautiful pearl jewelry, from seeding of oyster to final design & creation.

  3. Vivian Albano says:

    It would be quite an educational and an amazing experience for me to visit a pearl farm and see with my own eyes all the work involved in producing these gorgeous pearls.

  4. I will go . Send me!

  5. As a long time repeat customer I have come to appreciate the extraordinary quality of Pearls from Pearl Paridise. The quality is second to none, the colors and hues are fascinating to view and they make fabulous gifts, my wife loves them too ! I know I would love to win a trip to visit a pearl farm and see how it is all done…

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