Congratulations JulieBeth – You’re Going to Fiji!

Yesterday we held the anticipated final Fiji raffle. Congratulations Pearl-Guide member JulieBeth!

Julie has been a member of Pearl-Guide’s community forum since March of 2013. She loves and designs with pearls. Some of her work can be seen here on Etsy.

We shot a video of the drawing and there is a surprise at the end!

Who wants to take the next Pearl Trip of a Lifetime to … ??? :)


  1. I would love to join you

  2. Ray Reinhard says:

    I’d be very interested in learning first-hand, and on-site, about all the steps involved in producing beautiful pearl jewelry, from seeding of oyster to final design & creation.

  3. Vivian Albano says:

    It would be quite an educational and an amazing experience for me to visit a pearl farm and see with my own eyes all the work involved in producing these gorgeous pearls.

  4. I will go . Send me!

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