Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Little Pearls from Tahiti

We just got a new auction lot of Tahitian pearls in this week that included something I’ve never seen before – Tahitian pearls as small as six millimeters! Last year we secured a small lot of 7-8 mm circled pearls from our friends at Collins Pearls in Takaroa, but these are even smaller.

The total lot contains just over 12,000 pearls and those below 8 mm make up only about 10% of the total, but that still a LOT of tiny pearls when we almost never see pearls smaller than 8 mm, let alone smaller than 7 mm.

We are going to have fun with these!

Tiny, 6-8 mm Tahitian pearls

small-size Tahitian pearl lot

There are so many silvers and even white pearls in this lot. There are also fun colors like gold and Pistachio.

Colorful Tahitian pearls

To see just how small 6 mm is, we plopped two 13-14 mm pearls in the center of a handful of them. It’s like parking a rowboat next to a cruise ship!

Small and large Tahitian pearls


  1. I can’t wait to see what you design. They look so beautiful!

  2. Vickie Singleton says:

    Ooh!! Love the teeny tiny Tahitians! Excited to see what Hisano does with them :)

  3. Love when Pearl Paradise gets new Tahitians and these look great no matter the size ;)

  4. Muhammad Arfeen says:


  5. CathyKeshi says:

    Oh, how beautiful these are ! Love the size, the luster, and most especially those intense pastel colors!!!

  6. Curious what you think the reason why these Tahitians are so small…does it have anything to do with the environmental factors? Hard to believe you guys being the Pearl experts have never come across these tiny Tahitians. Interesting!

    • It’s the size of the bead. The Tahitian shell is typically quite large and larger pearls are more valuable than small (when all other factors are equal), so farmers typically grow the largest pearls they are able to achieve. Most would believe growing small pearls like these would be like asking your boss to pay you less for the same amount of work. It’s counter-intuitive, making intentionally small Tahitian pearls a rarity!

  7. BWeaves says:

    I’d love to see some pearl on pearl tin cup sort of necklaces, where the chain is replaced with the little pearls, and the larger circled pearls are spaced out. On a different note, how much would you charge me to just roll around in a vat of them?

  8. Barbara Brooke says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous. I love the two different extremes especially …. the really tiny ones and the larger ones at the end of the list. WOW

  9. Barbara Brooke says:

    When will we be seeing some of these in jewelry?

  10. Caitlin Williams says:

    Big. little, -big, little is my favorite design for pearl necklaces, from one to many littles for each big. Yum!

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