Pearl Friends continued: Wendy

“My husband traveled quite a bit for work and I had to mow our three-acre yard with 300 pine trees on a riding mower. Every week as I traveled in hundreds of circles around the yard, all I could think about was how wonderful these pearls were…”- Wendy

We are thrilled to continue our interview with Wendy Fairchild for this week’s blog post. Enjoy!

Wendy and her husband Bill at Jeremy and Hisano's wedding ceremony

Wendy and her husband Bill at Jeremy and Hisano’s wedding ceremony

Everybody loved the jewelry that you wore to Jeremy and Hisano’s wedding,  can you tell us a little bit about it?

 I was at the Malibu Ruckus two years ago.  I was interested in finding a White South Sea strand to go with a pair of stud earrings that I had in my collection.  When you go to “The Vault,” you have a choice of loose pearls or drilled strands.  The prices vary depending on the size, shape, and quality that you select.  Like many, I have a round, perfect taste but a baroque pocket book.  Jeremy selected many trays of White South Sea baroques for me to choose from.  Then he said he had just gotten in a shipment from Dr. Joseph Taylor’s  Atlas Pearl farm.  He hurried back into the vault and bought out more trays of pearls.  If you haven’t been to the vault, this is what shopping looks like…. 

White South Sea baroque beauties from the Atlas Pearl Farm

White South Sea baroque beauties from the Atlas Pearl Farm

Wendy picked the second strand from the bottom...

Wendy picked the second strand from the bottom…

I just love this necklace, it just glows on the neckline and feels so good on.  

The finished necklace.  Good choice Wendy!

The finished necklace. Good choice Wendy!

So what is next? Are you on the lookout for the next special addition to your collection?

 Actually, Cynde and Jeremy selected some pearls for me from his last shopping trip to Hong Kong. Hisano is making me a custom metallic souffle, pistachio Akoya, and fireball pendant.  Because of the finished length, I’ve requested a hidden enhancer bale be made for the back of the souffle. After looking at the two pearls, I asked for an additional green akoya pearl and bezel set diamond spacers with eye pins that will be installed between the pearls to make it movable. I can’t wait until it’s completed and floating on my omega necklace or clipped into a strand of pearls.

Pendant in progress

Pendant in progress

What do you love most about your pearl jewelry?

How versatile it is. They can be worn with t-shirts to business suits and everything in between. I have found that Tahitian pearls are easier to wear daily as they seem less formal. They come in so many colors that contrast and complement my skin tone. No matter what the season, they always seem appropriate. I reach for this 11-15 mm multi-colored strand the most often for everyday wear.


What advice would you give to someone that was new to the world of pearls?


(… and she wasn’t kidding!)

* Find a online pearl forum and learn as much as you can before you jump into your first purchase. You will save yourself money and you’ll be directed to the best, most reliable sources for purchasing quality pearls at the best price points.

 * Pearls are safe. You can wear them on vacation or anywhere without fear. Many ladies have a collection of fake travel jewelry but you don’t need that with pearls, as most have no idea what they are worth.  Additionally, most have a preconceived idea of pearls only being small round and white. When you wear pearls that don’t look like grandma’s small graduated akoyas, they don’t know what you’re wearing. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been told “Nice Beads” by strangers, and that’s OK.

 * Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box or your comfort zone. I was afraid to buy white or baroque pearls. I liked the look on others, but was afraid I would not wear them if I bought them. Cynde actually sent me one of her large white baroque south sea pearl strands to borrow for 6 months and I wore it a lot. Not only did I fall for the color and saw they were not only for special occasions, I loved the free form shapes too. I purchased my white south sea strand shown above because of this experiment.

 * Many ladies start out buying smaller pearls but slowly go up in MM size. Warning, once you wear large pearls, it’s hard to go back wearing smaller pearls again. Re-gifting unworn pearls is nice and others will love you for it.

 * Since there is no universal grading system every seller uses, you have to trust that your seller is selling the exact grade they claim on their site. Stock photos are great, but will you get pearls like them when you open the box? Check your seller out on the internet and in the forums. Also, using the Better Business Bureau is a helpful tool.   If you did an experiment and bought 1 of the exact same grade item from three different vendors, you will find not everyone’s AAA pearls are the same, and price doesn’t mean quality.

 *Look outside you local jeweler for your pearls. Unless they are the exception, they will be carrying commercial grade pearls. Since the average store does less then 10% of their sales in pearls, they are not usually something they focus on when buying their stock.

 * Buy the best pearls you can afford.  Mediocre pearls will never make you happy. Many buy lower quality pearls to start their collection and then don’t wear them.  It’s amazing how many women say they didn’t think they liked pearls until they started purchasing pearls of higher quality merchandise.

 * Pearls are versatile and recyclable. If you tire of the style or length, it easy to change their look. Buy more of the same, another color, perhaps some faceted gem or metal beads and have them restyled into another look or perhaps a less formal style. A necklace can become two bracelets, a few stands can become a rope. A little imagination and you’ll be reaching for them again.

 *Join forums and join the fun. Many of the people on the online forums have found lifelong friends they would never have found in their daily life. Some meet up in hotels, resorts and even mansions. It’s educational and exciting to see collections of pearls you’ve read about but have not had to opportunity to see anywhere else. You can meet the pearl farmers who are growing the pearls you wear, vendors and fellow pearl enthusiasts.  Most people are very helpful and you may find yourself learning how to restring your pearls, who would have guessed?  

What would your dream pearls be, If you could have any kind of pearl in any size or shape?

Wow, you saved the hardest question for last. With the new technology and many pearl farms pushing the envelope with innovation, we have no idea what will be for sale in the future or even in the next six months. Many pearls that were by-products of something that they were trying to achieve may be available for a very short time, but are either dropped or disappear when success is achieved.

 I am grateful for the items I have collected that were brought in via small, hand-selected lots. The eight-way rollers, Inception pearls – pearl in a pearl, and color-shifting freshwater pearls for instance. When these things appear you have a small window of opportunity to grab them or miss out: many are not repeated. Some were just produced by one lone farm trying to invent something new for the market.

Inceptions pearls - pearls nucleated with pearls

Wendy’s tin cup made with “Inception Pearls”

I am very intrigued with the new “Provoked Tahitians,” I love the look of the multi-colored Edison strands, and anything coming out of Douglas McLaurin’s Sea of Cortez pearl farm.

So, if I have to pick, Sea of Cortez wins my vote.  Perhaps one special pearl, like this one of a kind pearl that he grew a few years ago and was named “The Matryoshka.”

matroyshka sea of cortez pearl

One of the finest pearls ever to come from the Sea of Cortez

Pearl Friends: Wendy Fairchild

Wendy Fairchild is a prominent member of the online pearl community whom we’ve known for many years.  As you’ll discover from this interview, she’s had an eye for pearls since she was in first grade! Her opinions, taste, and pearl knowledge are just as impressive as her collection of breathtaking pearl jewelry. A big thanks to Wendy for sharing lots of pictures and beautiful memories!

We have so many of Wendy’s pictures and memories, we’ve decided to split this interview into two separate posts. Watch for part two next week!

Wendy's Tahitian souvenir

Wendy’s Tahitian souvenir

1. So what was your first piece of pearl jewelry?

 My husband and I went on vacation in 2000 to Moorea, French Polynesia with two other couples.  I had a neighbor who had gone to Moorea and showed me a black pearl she had gotten on her vacation. Living in a very small town in WA state, black pearls were not in our jewelry stores’ inventory, so I had very little visual knowledge before leaving, except for photos on the internet.  We shopped everywhere on Moorea then traveled by ferry over to Papette, Tahiti, window shopping for my perfect pearl. While walking the very curvy streets, we saw many well-dressed French women in dresses and high heels wearing HUGE stud earrings and strands.  It was truly amazing.  The shops we went into were filled with every size, color and shape of Tahitian pearls, from loose to finished jewelry. Then sticker shock set in when we inquired about the prices for these amazing pearls.  My friend bought a navy blue round Tahitian pendant and I purchased this 11 x 13 mm drop. I fell for the hint of cherry on the green pearl. Little did I know that this purchase would change the direction of my jewelry collection and start my love of pearls.

What is your most recent addition to your collection?

 I think the readers will see I am a self-confessed Cherry Tahitian addict.  That first pearl I just showed you started the love of pearls, but I am drawn to Cherry Tahitians.  My best friend Cynde Newberry shops at Pearl Paradise many times during the year.  When I can’t go there myself, she is my eyes on the ground.  I trust Cynde and Jeremy Shepherd to be my personal shoppers when she tours “The Vault”.  Well, Jeremy had gone shopping and posted this photo on your Facebook page.

Cherry Tahitians

Cherry Tahitians

As you can imagine, I was very excited for Cynde to head up to look at the new merchandise.  For quite a while now, Cynde and Jeremy have been doing phone chats with me while she shops so I can also see the merchandise and they buy my new pieces.

Jeremy was talking about buying new stock and poured a sack of loose pearls out on the big table in your lobby.  Cynde spotted that large 12mm Cherry Tahitian featured on the shell photo and as quick as a lizard’s tongue snatched it up off the table.  My anniversary is in December and I didn’t have a Cherry Tahitian pendant, so I talked to Hisano Shepherd about making a custom pendant necklace out of this special pearl.  We used your Orion diamond pendant finding and Hisano had her custom jeweler create a bezel set, diamonds by the yard necklace using the same size diamonds that are in the pendant’s bale in yellow gold.  It is adjustable in the back with O rings for different necklines.  It feels special when worn and it coordinates perfectly with the Cherry Eternal dangle earrings Cynde had selected for me from the trip before.

Custom Cherry Tahitian Pendant

Custom Cherry Tahitian Pendant

Cherry Tahitian Eternal Dangles

Cherry Tahitian Eternal Dangles

2. You are a well-respected expert in the pearl community. How did you get started in your love of pearls? Did the women in your family own and wear pearls?

 I am a connoisseur collector of pearls who is always learning new things, which makes buying pearls always fresh and new.  My mother always worked when I was growing up.  Ladies in the 1950 and 60′s wore dresses and heels to work. My mother almost always wore the same earrings each day.  When I was in 1st grade the teacher asked us to write something about our mothers.  My response was: “My mother wears pearl earrings.”  When she saw this assignment she laughed, I didn’t know why she reacted this way.  She said, “Wendy, these are not real pearls.”

I am a custom picture framer.  After she and my father passed away I found some photos of them together at a much earlier time.  I also found the items in the photos so I added them and made a shadow box. As you can see she is wearing her “Pearl Earrings” and small akoya high school graduation strand. This hangs in my bathroom. I look at them every day, it always makes me smile.

Beautifully framed pearl memories

Beautifully framed pearl memories

3. We know how much you love cherry Tahitians! How have those pearls influenced the direction that your pearl collection has taken?

 Four years ago Cynde Newberry convinced me that I had to attend the Pearl-Guide Ruckus in Los Angeles.  I asked my husband if I could have this gift as my birthday present/anniversary gift and anything else I could think of.  He agreed – if he could come too.  This was a very unexpected surprise that he would want to come too, and I said great!  Because this was my first trip to the Pearl Paradise vault, Cynde advised me to have some idea of what I was interested in, or the sheer amount of loose pearls and finished merchandise would be overwhelming. Before we left I scoured the website and jotted down item numbers that I wanted to see.

At that time you had quite a selection of Cherry Tahitian strands in stock.  Previously I had purchased 5 loose Cherry Tahitians on the internet from someone else and the thought of getting a matching necklace to go with them was an exciting prospect.  Once we got there I asked to see all the Cherry strands, and as luck would have it, two actually matched each other.  I had to buy them then both or regret it forever. After I got them home, I used my caliper and added all the largest pearls into one necklace and made the smallest pearls into a choker. They have identical clasps so they can be worn alone, as a double strand, or as a rope. 

tahitianset1 (640x494)

Wendy’s Cherry strand collection

Now, I am continually looking for larger pearls that can be added into the front of the strand. Because of this very different color, Cherry with a green halo, larger pearls are very difficult to find.  I was able to get the new large middle of the strand pearl from Josh Humbert from his Kamoka pearl farm two years ago at the Malibu ruckus. The search continues…

4. Do you have a favorite piece in your collection and is there a story behind it?

 In  August of 2009 Jeremy happened onto some huge 11mm exotic metallic freshwater pearls.  What made them special besides the fact that they were huge and metallic, was that they were earring grade, perfectly round 8-way rollers.  He posted cards of matched pairs and I was crazy about them. 

I selected 4 pairs. Two I gave away to special women in my life and two I kept, copper/pink color-shift and golden/clear. The golden pair was the most special of the 4 pairs.  It exhibited a soap bubble effect: like layers of clear lacquer. You can almost see all the way into the pearl and it’s quite an illusion.

Exotic pairs

Exotic pairs

My husband traveled quite a bit for work and I had to mow our 3 acre yard with 300 limbed pine trees on a riding mower.  Every week as I traveled in hundreds of circles around the yard, all I could think about was how wonderful these pearls were and how could I get enough of these pearls to make a tin cup or necklace to go with my earrings.  Since my 35th anniversary was less than 6 months away, I called Pearl Paradise and talked to Jeremy to see if this was even feasible or if he had some extra unmatched pearls to sell me to make this necklace?   Jeremy told me in the lot of pearls, there were enough matching pearls to make one necklace, and it was the same color as my soap bubble earrings.





It was a very special Anniversary in more ways than one, adding this necklace to my collection.  I couldn’t believe my luck, it was like one of those once-in-a-lifetime, the-stars-were-aligned-just-for-you experiences. I wore it at the Vulcan Mansion Ruckus.  Here I am with it on with my best friend Cynde at the ruckus..

Wendy and Cynde

Wendy and Cynde

To be continued next week!

Bert Pearl

Pearl Paradise is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of The Bert Pearl. 



As one of the largest muppet-shaped pearls in history, it has been coveted by man and muppet alike.

After passing through several royal dynasties, it was purchased by The Count Von Count, who after counting it (one, ah-ah-ah), made it available at one of Sesame Street’s premier auction houses.



This exquisite pearl is a White South Sea circled baroque that measures 14.6 mm, and features a naturally occurring 3.9 mm nose.


The Bert Pearl prior to its current setting

Our jewelers took great care in creating its current setting, which features white freshwater pearl eyes and ears, and a Sterling Silver unibrow and coiffure.

 bert down


Inquiries about The Bert Pearl can be directed to any of our team’s muppet pearl specialists.


Pearl Friends: Cynde Newberry

Cynde Newberry wearings pearlsFor our first interview in this series, I had the pleasure of talking to Cynde Newberry.  She’s a long-time friend and customer whose visits we always really enjoy.  Luckily for all of us, she brought in some of the breathtaking pieces from her collection that she describes in her interview below.  Once you see the photographs of these exquisite pieces, you’ll understand her advice on selecting pearls “that speak to you and make your heart sing.”  Thank you Cynde!

1. Let’s start at the beginning- where and when did your love for pearls begin? Did the women in your family own and wear pearls?

My birthstone is diamond, so my love of jewelry began with diamonds. Gifts and tokens of affection always were diamonds. The only pearls I wore were the costume kind from my mom – not a real pearl amongst them. I did collect vintage jewelry with pearls but they were made from glass. I never expected to be able to afford “real” pearls. In my late 20′s I finally got my first piece of real cultured pearl jewelry and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. For over 36 years pearls have been it for me.

A triple strand of round, metallic freshwater pearls

2. What was your first piece of pearl jewelry?

A good friend was a goldsmith and she made a custom designed ring with a Lake Biwa baroque pearl. At that time I didn’t think I would own any “real” pearls except for the ring. Then to my delight, my husband asked a friend to find a very special strand of akoyas for me. That strand became my signature piece of jewelry: 22-inches, 8.5 to 9mm akoyas. I wore that necklace daily for years. It didn’t matter where I was going or what I was wearing: shorts, jeans, or evening wear, I had that strand of pearls on. Diamonds were left in the dresser drawer after those pearls arrived.

Cynde’s Lake Biwa pearl ring

3. Since then, what direction has your pearl collection taken? Do you have a favorite kind of pearl?

My collection has taken many twists and turns. It seems to have a life of its own, continually evolving. It’s hard to say what kind of pearls are my favorite, but I do love my Tahitians and then there are the metallics … but the souffles are wonderful too … and what about the big, big Edisons, my first strand of akoyas … or my last - pistachio’s? I do enjoy them all.

A Tahitian pearl tin cup with random sizes and shapes

4. What do you love most about your pearl jewelry?

I love how I feel when I put pearls on. I love that depending on the light they are ever-changing. You can be dressed up or down and they’re always appropriate. I love that when I walk into a room or am sitting in a restaurant I catch men and women checking them out. It’s fun being out to lunch with a bff who will dive across the table grab my pearls and have to try on my latest find. They’re conversation starters. It’s also fun to have my hair stylist, or the checker at the grocers, or the postmistress say when they see me come in that they were looking forward to seeing which pearls I would be wearing. Pearls are approachable where diamonds aren’t.

A “harvest” strand of mismatched Tahitian beauties

5. Do you have a favorite piece in your collection?

No, that is like asking me which son is my favorite. I love them all except for three that remain on the top of the safe to remind me never to settle for get-by pearls. BTW they are NOT PP pearls either. I learned my lesson with those three strands.

6. Is there a special story behind any of your pieces that you would like to share with us?

Most of my pearls have a special story attached to them. Here are a few. 

I always had dreams of owning a strand of Tahitian pearls. The ladies at lunch would wear theirs, and once one lady had on a strand of big 15 mm silver stunningly beautiful Tahitians. The ones I would see in the BM stores were dark black orbs that I could never quite bring myself to wear. I was at a jewelry store and finally there was the strand for me … silver body color with a beautiful orient of peacock dancing across those pearls and a price tag of $25k that was not anywhere near my budget, so I kept on dreaming and dreaming of someday. 

Then one very special day I was at Pearl Paradise for the first time choosing a metallic 8-way roller freshwater pendant and earrings. Jeremy had just bought what seemed like thousands of Tahitian strands and he was eager to show them off. I was a very willing gawker. The show table was piled high. In truth I was beside myself seeing for the very first time Tahitians that were not dark black round beads. They had all the colors of the rainbow shimmering from their baroque shapes. I got to run my fingers through piles and piles of them. There were two strands I kept going back to and I asked how much they were, saying a prayer that one of them could be mine. When I was told the price I could not get my check book out fast enough and the first words out of my mouth were: “I will take both!”

My sweet husband was fighting leukemia at that time. My visit to Pearl Paradise had been planned in advance. My sweet husband Frank hid from me how badly he was feeling that morning so I would not cancel my visit. He had a massive heart attack that night and was gone the next month. Those two strands of pearls were my 26th anniversary present – the last present he gave me. That one day I was in both heaven and hell. His first present to me was a strand of pearls as well as his last.

My next strand of Tahitians came just a couple of weeks after his death. My anniversary strands were just too happy and bright so I needed a mourning strand. The mourning strand I wore every day for a year with my widow’s weeds.

When I was about to come out of mourning black I started to notice my dark-body green Tahitians did not look their best when paired with my favorite color: navy blue. So back to PP I went and asked if Jeremy had a strand that would look good with navy blue.  We cut one of his FedEx boxes up so that we had blue to lay strand after strand on. Finally he ran to his office and pulled out of his desk a wrinkled old brown sack filled with blue-body, peacock-overtone pearls. He poured them onto the cut-up blue box and now I have the most spectacular, special, rare strand of all: not black body but a dark blue body with bright peacock overtone necklace and matching bracelet. I am one very lucky girl with this strand.

Some of Cynde's Tahitian jewelry

Cynde’s custom blue body strand in hand, with her black body strand in background.

And a funny story: I  go to Pearl Paradise to choose my birthday present each spring. I was eagerly awaiting my new pearls to be strung and the delivery was scheduled for a day when I was going to be out of town. I called and made arrangements with FedEx to pick up my package first thing in the morning. I was like that woman in the Target commercial glued to the glass of the store saying “open, open, open.” Business men were lined up in front and behind me. By the time I had my package in my hot little hands I had an audience waiting to see what I was so crazy about receiving. They peered over and around my shoulders as the shipping box was opened. The Fedex clerk even did the honors slicing all the tape. None of the men in line with me left that day without examining each strand that came out of the box.  They were passed from hand to hand and I was even asked to model them. Many questions about choosing and buying pearls were asked. The power of pearls is amazing.

7. What is next? Are you on the lookout for the next special addition to your collection?

I won’t know until I see it and it makes my mouth water.  It will have to be very special for me to add it to my collection.

A large Edison Pearl

A large, rare Edison Pearl

8. What would you say to someone that was new to the world of pearls?

Buy the best quality you can afford and only ones that speak to you and make your heart sing.

9. What would your dream pearls be, if you could have any kind of pearl in any size or shape?

Because of Jeremy and Pearl Paradise all of my pearl dreams have already come true. But me being me I do have a small ever-changing list. 

Thank you Cynde Newberry! We’d like to close with just a few more of your favorites!

Cynde souffle pearl on starfish pendant

Exotic & metallic souffle pearl on a starfish pendant

Kamoka Keshi and Sea of Cortez pearl pendant

A pendant make with a Kamoka keshi and two Sea of Cortez pearls

A large fireball freshwater strand with enhancer

A large fireball freshwater strand with enhancer

Pearly Art

A pearl creation from artist Sheri Jurnecka

The Best Kind of Gems

A new series with Allison M.

Pearls are not just a privilege to work with or own.  They consistently give us the privilege of getting to know great people all over the world who share our love.

We wouldn’t be able to make the memories of a lifetime without our friends in the pearl community. We’ve decided to dedicate a series of blog posts to some of our nearest and dearest.  So keep an eye out for upcoming blog posts where we’ll be featuring interviews with some of our friends who have fascinating stories to share about their own love affairs with pearls.

It’s become clear to us that what makes pearls even more valuable is the people these gems attract, and the friendships we’ve formed.  It’s definitely something to celebrate, and luckily there have been so many reasons to get together and enjoy each others’ company over the past few years – not that we always need a reason!

Nevertheless, we’ve gotten to eat, drink, dance, and make merry in some of California’s most beautiful locations with some of our favorite pearl people.

The annual Pearl Ruckus is always a sumptuous event, with hours to relax, compare and discuss all things pearl over the eagerly-awaited caviar spread (one of our favorite Pearl Paradise traditions) with our friends from the forum community.

A pearl party at the offices of Pearl Paradise

We have been getting together with our pearl friends every summer since 2009!

In 2012, our friends and staff adjourned to an estate in Malibu to do just that.

Pearl Ruckus 2012 location


some of the delicious food served

Great food!


Our friends

Great friends!

That sure seemed hard to top, but the ultimate ruckus turned out to be Jeremy and Hisano’s wedding in 2013. Friends and family gathered next to a sparkling ocean to watch the couple exchange vows.

The happy couple!

Guests were then were transported to a breathtakingly picturesque barn, where the celebration stretched long into the night.

Goregeous barn where the wedding reception was held

We’re looking forward to many more celebrations, pearls, and new friends.  Thanks for following us!