Little h Collection Debut at JCK Las Vegas Show


Since I came back from our Asia trip in early March, I have been micro-focused with just one project; the Debut of little h jewelry collection at JCK Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Resort Convention Center.

little h was accepted into the juried Design Center at JCK earlier in the year so my assistant and I have been burning the candle at both ends building the inventory.

Leading up to the show, there were so many small components that needed to be built, ordered, made and researched. It felt like working on a million-piece jigsaw puzzle. Every day I tackled few pieces of my long task list and the end result was more than fulfilling. The long late nights I spent in my office and long meetings I held with trade show expert, John, were all well worth it. I had the most intense learning experience in my jewelry career leading up to the show and the four days at the event.

Jeremy and I packed our lighting equipment and displays, rented a van and drove to Vegas not knowing what to expect. I’ve done few craft shows with my felted art pieces but not a fine jewelry trade show in this professional level. John was a great help. He knew all the supplies I needed to bring for the show.

When I first saw the two empty show cases in the booth I slightly panicked with the size of the showcase being larger than I anticipated. I wanted the showcase to look clean and not cluttered but I didn’t bring enough earrings and ring displays to fill up the space. John and I came up with unique ideas to utilize business cards and extra fabric from the busts and made our own new display.



20150528_174845We had a fantastic show. Pearl Geode and Finestrino Collection were well received. Buyers tore off our ad from the CPAA supplement page and searched for our booth to see them. It warmed my heart when I saw the excited look on their eyes as I explained the concept behind it. I had few pieces at the Press lounge show case and at the CPAA booth and both buyers and exhibitors came to check out the sliced pearls after seeing the display.

There were few lectures and events that were happening at the show. One of the events was an interview with Patricia Field, an Emmy award winner costume designer known for her wardrobes in Sex and the City. She styled five models with jewelry from the JCK booths and my seed pearl earrings were selected for the modern bride look. She was also excited with the earrings and referred to it as “Pièce De Résistance”.



It was a joyful experience for me to share my love of pearl jewelry. We’ll be back in Vegas again next year!


Valentine’s Day Style Guide

To celebrate the upcoming holiday we came up with two chic and lovely outfits inspired by our Valentine’s Day style guide.

Here is a red hot date night look:

PearlParadise Valentine's Collection


Here’s a laid back comfy casual style for Valentine’s Day:

PearlParadise Casual Valentine's Day Collection

Sneak Peek! Black Friday Pearl Paradise 2014

Black Friday sneak peek

Black Friday sneak peek

We’re gearing up for the holidays and our elf hats are on! The entire PP team has been busy selecting a wide variety of pearls for the upcoming holiday season.  From stocking stuffers to one-of-a-kind special items, we’ve got you covered.  Here’s a very sneak peek of what will be on our Black Friday sale.

One-of-a-kind pendants

One-of-a-kind pendants

These special pearls were selected by the Hong Kong buying team. The size, shape and colors vary so much that these are hard to place as regular items. We found some colorful Edison drop pearls in metallic and lavender colors as well as special Tahitian drops. Pearls are set in Sterling silver to 14K gold settings to offer in variety of price points. These pendants are great for the true pearl lovers who live for those “one of a kinds!”

Oval Drop Strands

Oval drop shape strands

Oval drop shape strands

These oval drop-shaped strands are so simple yet so versatile! We found lustrous (so lustrous they appear to glow) graduated oval strands to straight 7-8 mm drops and made in several different lengths.  These are perfect layering pieces for the holiday.

Tahitian Harvest strands

Tahitian Harvest strands

Tahitian harvest strands are back but in shorter lengths! These affordable Tahitian strands are unique and playful, a must-have for the ladies who already have the essential pearls in their wardrobe.

Something Simple

Something simple

Something simple

Leather bracelets with single pearl is a great gift idea for pearl beginners. It is casual and very easy to wear.

Kid's set

Kid’s set

Looking for something special for the young girls in your family? How about our kid’s set in 7-8 mm drop pearls with button earrings. The set includes 15-inch necklace, 6-inch bracelet and 7-8 mm button earrings.

5-6 mm long rope

5-6 mm rope

My blog won’t be complete without featuring the petite pearls! These 5-6 mm strands were hand selected by me from our favorite supplier who specializes in small size Freshwater pearls.

The strands have very high luster and perfect for casual wear and layering or mix and matching.

8-9 mm Metallic drops with silver bale

8-9 mm Metallic drops with silver bale

Stay tuned for limited quantity blow out sale items!
Happy holidays and happy pearl hunting:)

Four Winter Pearl Styles for 2014

Layering season is finally upon us! Here at Pearl Paradise, we girls are excited to get our boots and layering clothes out from our closets for the cooler weather. I picked up some key pieces that can be matched with pearls in an assortment of colors, sizes and shapes for all occasions!

Cozy Feminine

Cozy Feminine

Close Up of Freshadama Blossom Earrings

The Freshadama Blossom Earrings

We’ve paired furs and pearls on our Pearl Collective collection before and it turned into an ultra-chic ensemble. With a blue-gray floral lace tunic and gray fur vest, the style looks polished and feminine with white pearls in various lengths and sizes. The 26-inch endless and 35-inch freshwater strands are staple pieces that go so well together. Go for an organic look with Freshadama Blossom earrings.

(BTW, the fur vest is animal-friendly faux :D)

White +Tahitian pearls

White +Tahitian pearls

Close Up of Tahitian Ring

Close Up of Tahitian Ring

This cozy sweater dress creates an ideal frame for a colorful strand. I chose lighter shades of silver tone multi-color Tahitian baroque pearls for a subtle contrast. The long strand is ideal when there is a lot going on around your neckline. Simple yet impressionable Tahitian studs or a classic Tahitian ring will tie the look together well.

Cool Chic

Cool Chic

Close Up of Black Akoya Pearls

Close Up of Black Akoya Pearls

Blue black Akoya pearls are perfect for creating an edgy chic style. The rich and bold hue of the pearls with a leather jacket sharpens the overall image. The only dyed pearls we carry are black freshwater, black Akoyas and chocolate Tahitians. We are very selective with our dyed pearls and we only get the most consistent colors. We specifically request which pearls get dyed for our strands and pairs to insure the quality is consistent.

Black and White

Black and White

Giant South Sea Studs

Giant South Sea Studs

For upcoming office holiday parties, why not mix and match your favorite pearls? Black and white is always in fashion and it’s fun to break the traditional rule of wearing pearls within the same family.

White south sea studs are classic but the large size (13-14 mm) says WOW! Layering with freshwater soufflé and blue Akoya tin cup necklace, eye catching metallic white necklace and the unique textured ripple strand will show how much fun you can have with pearls!

How will you layer your pearls this holiday?

Late Summer/Early Fall Pearl Style Guide


Summer is still prevalent in sunny Los Angeles. This style guide is for the summer fans who are still enjoying the pool side BBQ’s and sun bathing at the beach, but also for women who are looking forward to the cooler and quieter days of early fall.

The organic shape and metallic luster of keshi pearls are fun way to spruce up a casual wear. Whether you wear them alone or in multiples, keshi pearls make your outfit pop. The model is wearing white and pink Freshwater keshi necklaces and keshi dangle earrings.


Another ensemble that works great with casual white and black outfits are metallic whites. We love our new Violet earrings with 7-8 mm white metallic drops and you can never go wrong with a strand of metallic white pearls!


Soft neutral-color shirts and pants are essential items for work. The delicate colors of champagne and ivory pairs well with the satiny luster of white and golden south sea pearls. The studs are a timeless, classic statement that is popular among powerful women in the professional field.

We’re delighted to have expanded our collection of South Sea pendants as well. Through our design debuts on First Look Fridays, we have introduced over 20 new pendant designs within the past year. The Aura pendant is simple yet elegant adding just enough sparkles to the South Sea Pearl.


Cool white South Sea pearls tend to be set on white gold settings but also looks great with yellow gold. Here’s another sophisticated look for day at the office.


Tahitian pearls were so popular this summer. Dark body Tahitian strands are great accessory for end-of-summer parties. The peacock overtone with dark green bodycolor is a great compliment to strong hues like magenta.


We love the bold look of dark against dark but Tahitian pearls are very versatile and can work with any color. Black fabric with Tahitian looks professional and sharp, light colors can create a feminine feel and you can look polished and clean with neutral color ways.


What pearls will you be wearing for the new season?