Valentine’s Day Style Guide

To celebrate the upcoming holiday we came up with two chic and lovely outfits inspired by our Valentine’s Day style guide.

Here is a red hot date night look:

PearlParadise Valentine's Collection


Here’s a laid back comfy casual style for Valentine’s Day:

PearlParadise Casual Valentine's Day Collection

A Pearly Rose Gold Renaissance

You may have noticed a trend building if you are a fan of fine jewelry …


Pearl Paradise Rose Gold Jewelry

A collection of a few of our favorite ROSE gold pieces

It’s gorgeous!!!

Now what exactly is it and why is it pink???

Gold is an AMAZING metal. It has been considered valuable and precious since long before the beginning of recorded history, and for good reason!

Gold’s Amazing Properties

Gold can be hammered so thin, that one ounce of it (about the size of a quarter) can be turned into a sheet measuring roughly 300 square feet! One ounce of gold can also be stretched into a wire so thin (only five microns thick), that it would reach a distance of 50 miles!

Gold is one of the least chemically reactive elements, which is why it doesn’t easily rust or tarnish. Gold is also one of the best conductors of electricity and heat, making it extremely important in advanced computers. Gold strongly reflects infrared radiation, and because gold leaf can be beaten thin enough to become transparent, it is used in astronauts’ helmets. Modern space exploration would not be possible without gold!

Gold’s Amazing Color

Most pure metals are gray or silvery white, while gold is a deep, rich yellow. Adding small amounts of other metals can dramatically change its color. Mix gold with some palladium and nickel and you’ve got white gold. Mix gold with silver and you’ve got green gold. Mix it with aluminum and you get purple gold (though it is too brittle for jewelry). And my favorite, mix it with copper and silver and you get ROSE GOLD!


Rose gold, also known as pink gold and red gold, has been part of gold’s history from the start.  During ancient times, due to impurities in the smelting process, gold frequently turned a reddish color. In fact, many texts from the Middle Ages, describe the color of gold as red.

Rose gold jewelry gained popularity in Russia at the beginning of the nineteenth century, due to its distinctly different look from yellow or white gold. Rose gold jewelry first became popular in the United States in 1924, after Louis Cartier introduced his “Trinity” ring, which consisted of three interlocking bands of white, yellow and, you guessed it, rose gold!

Rose gold has continued to gain popularity for numerous reasons. The hue of rose gold looks great with pretty much every skin tone. It also finds favor with those who generally would only wear white gold, or only wear yellow gold, because it looks beautiful when worn alongside either gold color. Rose gold also has the added benefit of not containing nickel, which can cause an allergic reaction with some people.

We here at Pearl Paradise are proud to be able to offer a great many of our designs in rose gold! This is because the vast majority of our jewelry is made in-house. In fact, Pearl Paradise arguably has the largest selection of rose gold pearl jewelry on the internet! To showcase our collection, we’ve added a Rose Gold Jewelry page to our website, where every design on the page is available in rose gold!


Rose gold settings with Tahitian pearls, South Sea pearls and metallic freshwaters


Tahitian Pearl Blues

We had a lot of fun with Tahitian pearls this year. In September we released a huge lot of dark peacock drop strands, something we had never done or been able to do before. The next month was the Connoisseur Sale, but we could have called it the Harvest Strand month given the number of them we made. But I decided to hold something back – something special to release on Cyber Monday – the special Rikitea rounds.

Rikitea is known throughout the Tahitian pearl industry as the source for the best colors of Tahiti. The finest cherries, peacocks and dark blues overwhelmingly come from Rikitea.

Dark Blue Tahitian Strands

Dark Blue Tahitian Strands

We have a total of 51 selected strands that we are going to start adding to the site today and this week. They aren’t going to featured, they’ll just be added to our Round Tahitian Strands page.

What we’ve done though, is add a hidden tag on each of the strands. Starting today, if you search our site for the term Rikitea, you’ll see the strands.

Be sure to watch for the email we send out on Cyber Monday, which will contain a site-wide Pearl Point code which you can use toward any of these strands.

A Rainbow of Rikitea Colors

Tahitian Blues and Cherry

Win a Trip to a Pearl Farm!

The CPAA is doing it again. A raffle for a priceless trip to a remote, exotic pearl farm. Last year it was a trip to the Philippines and this year it will be Tahiti.

kamoka pearl farm

I was just contacted by the CPAA to ask for help in promoting the raffle. It ends in less than a week and they haven’t sold many tickets. You know what that means, right? ;-) The odds are excellent!

The host of this year’s pearl farm trip is my dear friend Josh Humbert of the Kamoka Pearl Farm on Ahe in French Polynesia. His operation is one of the most eco-friendly on the planet and he’s an all around great guy. This would be the trip of a lifetime.

Tickets are only $10 each and the drawing is on December 1st! It would be so amazing if one of our friends were to win this trip!

Good luck!

kamoka pearl farm2

Sneak Peek! Black Friday Pearl Paradise 2014

Black Friday sneak peek

Black Friday sneak peek

We’re gearing up for the holidays and our elf hats are on! The entire PP team has been busy selecting a wide variety of pearls for the upcoming holiday season.  From stocking stuffers to one-of-a-kind special items, we’ve got you covered.  Here’s a very sneak peek of what will be on our Black Friday sale.

One-of-a-kind pendants

One-of-a-kind pendants

These special pearls were selected by the Hong Kong buying team. The size, shape and colors vary so much that these are hard to place as regular items. We found some colorful Edison drop pearls in metallic and lavender colors as well as special Tahitian drops. Pearls are set in Sterling silver to 14K gold settings to offer in variety of price points. These pendants are great for the true pearl lovers who live for those “one of a kinds!”

Oval Drop Strands

Oval drop shape strands

Oval drop shape strands

These oval drop-shaped strands are so simple yet so versatile! We found lustrous (so lustrous they appear to glow) graduated oval strands to straight 7-8 mm drops and made in several different lengths.  These are perfect layering pieces for the holiday.

Tahitian Harvest strands

Tahitian Harvest strands

Tahitian harvest strands are back but in shorter lengths! These affordable Tahitian strands are unique and playful, a must-have for the ladies who already have the essential pearls in their wardrobe.

Something Simple

Something simple

Something simple

Leather bracelets with single pearl is a great gift idea for pearl beginners. It is casual and very easy to wear.

Kid's set

Kid’s set

Looking for something special for the young girls in your family? How about our kid’s set in 7-8 mm drop pearls with button earrings. The set includes 15-inch necklace, 6-inch bracelet and 7-8 mm button earrings.

5-6 mm long rope

5-6 mm rope

My blog won’t be complete without featuring the petite pearls! These 5-6 mm strands were hand selected by me from our favorite supplier who specializes in small size Freshwater pearls.

The strands have very high luster and perfect for casual wear and layering or mix and matching.

8-9 mm Metallic drops with silver bale

8-9 mm Metallic drops with silver bale

Stay tuned for limited quantity blow out sale items!
Happy holidays and happy pearl hunting:)